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Please read the instructions below carefully before logging in to Renew Online.

  1. When indicated, you will be required to submit additional documentation with your renewal application. This will apply in cases where you have been selected for a CME Audit, or are required to submit evidence of lawful presence, or are required to submit additional documentation in relation to an application answer. Please follow the prompts throughout the on-line renewal process for instruction pertaining to when additional documentation is required. Please note: You may be requested to provide a copy of a Government Issued Photo ID, if the Board does not currently have a legible copy on file.

  2. Review your Physician Profile before starting the renewal process and verify your profiles accuracy. To view your profile return to home the page, click on "Doctor Search" - You will then be able to enter your name or scroll down to enter your Arizona license number. If changes to your profile are required other than address and phone number, please email change requests to

  3. Payment Methods: Visa, MasterCard and AMEX are accepted.

  4. Upon successful renewal, you will not receive a wallet card as, effective February 14, 2012, the Arizona Medical Board (AMB) no longer issues them. A physician’s AMB website profile is the most reliable way to verify current license status.

Prior to beginning your Online Renewal, click here to complete the Supplemental Documents and submit to


Click here to begin the Online Renewal of your Arizona MD license.


Click here to begin the Paper Renewal of your Arizona MD License.


If you experience any problems with the Online Renewal, please complete and submit the Paper Renewal. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.