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Arizona Medical Board
Arizona Medical Board
Official Website of the
Arizona Medical Board
The Board's mission is to protect public health and safety.


$200.00 Dispensing Drugs - Initial Registration Fee
$150.00 Dispensing Drugs - Renewal Registration Fee
$50.00 Duplicate License Fee
$350.00 Locum Tenens Registration
$500.00 License Application Fee
$500.00 License Issuance Fee (Pro-Rated up to $500)
$500.00 MD Application to Reactivate an Inactive Status License (Pro-Rated up to $500.00)
$100.00 Education Teaching Permit Fee (5 Day)
$250.00 Annual Teaching License Fee
$50.00 Postgraduate Registration Fee
$500.00 Biennial License Renewal Fee
$350.00 Biennial License Penalty for Late Renewal Fee
$25.00 Deficient License Renewal Application Processing Fee


$125.00 PA Application
$370.00 Regular License (Pro-rated for each month remaining in annual period)
$370.00 Regular License Renewal
$100.00 License Penalty for Late Renewal
$25.00 Duplicate License Fee


$1.00 / $0.25 Copy Fee
$30.00 Medical Directory (CD Rom)
$100.00 Data Disk
$10.00 License Verification Fee