32-1425. Initial Licensure

A. An applicant who meets the applicable requirements provided in section 32-1422, 32-1423 or 32-1424, has passed steps one and two of the United States medical licensing examination or one of the examination combinations prescribed in section 32-1426, subsection A, paragraph 6, subdivision (c), items (i) and (ii), has paid the fees required by this chapter and has filed a completed application found by the board to be true and correct is eligible for licensure as a doctor of medicine upon successful passage of step three of the United States medical licensing examination with a scaled score of at least seventy-five if the applicant has passed all three steps within a seven year period.

B. An applicant for licensure applying pursuant to section 32-1422, 32-1423 or 32-1424 may take the examination only after successfully completing six months of a board approved hospital internship, residency or clinical fellowship or fifth pathway program or serving as a full-time assistant professor or in a higher position in a board approved school of medicine in this state.

C. The board shall not grant a license until the applicant meets the requirements for licensure pursuant to this chapter.