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Arizona Medical Board
Arizona Medical Board
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Arizona Medical Board
The Board's mission is to protect public health and safety.


Who can file a complaint?

Anyone may file a complaint with the Arizona Medical Board. The Board may also initiate an investigation on its own motion if it becomes aware of possible unprofessional conduct.


How do I file a complaint?

The Arizona Medical Board prefers that complaints be filed in writing so the Board can effectively evaluate each allegation against the physician during the course of the investigation. For your convenience, a complaint form (MD) / (PA) can be downloaded from the website. Fill in as much information as you have regarding the physician’s conduct, including a detailed narrative outlining your complaint in chronological order, dates, names of other health care providers involved, and names and addresses of any witnesses. If you have supporting documentation, such as medical records, billing records or correspondence with the physician, please include a copy. Original documentation will not be returned to you after the investigation.

Mail your complaint to the following address or fax it to (480) 551-2702.

Arizona Medical Board
Attention: Intake
9545 East Doubletree Ranch Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258


Can I file a complaint anonymously?

The Arizona Medical Board no longer accepts anonymous complaints. ARS 32-1451.03(B) states “The board shall not open an investigation if identifying information regarding the complainant is not provided”.